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Time flies

Yes, it does, and that too at the speed of light! As I sat down with my laptop, in the solace of my cozy hostel room, my eyes glanced at the bottom right of the screen - 3rd October 2014, it said! It has been one full month since that teary farewell, since those anxious moments, since the last time I hugged my family and departed from the Delhi airport to begin the next phase of my professional journey at HEC.  I must say, what a journey it has been! The first two weeks at HEC are more or less aimed at warming up the students for the 16 month journey ahead. Math camp, improv classes, ice-breaking sessions, presentation skills and Negosim help you brush up the concepts learned over the years, while helping you make new acquaintances and friends in a short period of time. Negosim, a three day business simulation game, wins hands-down as my favorite session so far! Even a 5,000 word essay would not be sufficient to express the fun we had, while learning international tra